Automated Research Equipment group
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Our team represents a group of initiative experts of the various profile offering the creative approach to scientific instrument making. As the purpose of a task in view of working out of dedicated systems of management, the data position system, optimum for concrete radio physical experiment.

As result - world level competitive physical results in the shortest terms.

The originality of the team consists in the approach to specialization of its participants. Each member of the team has base skills in several areas in which the group works (Secondary Skills), and is the expert in one of these areas (Primary Skill).

The specialization of the group is start-up projects and the group structure allows solving a most, from the standpoint of other developers, hopeless tasks.

The group has a wide experience and is capable to decide wide sections of the problems connected with creation of systems in mm-waves range. Such systems added with adaptive system of decision-making, do possible creation of essentially new monitoring systems of technological procedures, systems of safety and the whole class of the scientific equipment.

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